Crappy Flash Animation Archive

So people have been harassing me about putting up the old Flash stuff. This was made about 4 or so years ago, before I had kids. So here it is.

Warning, if you don't know me, or the people, or anything, this will make no sense to you whatsoever. So don't bother.

Battle Reports

"The Straw that broke the Peon's Back"
Game: Starcraft
Game Type: 3ffa
Players: Errol!
Neverlostever: rating: 9.0
Author: Errol
This is Errol's first Battle Report, done completely in flash. The flash is really cool, but the game itself is not all too exciting, except for Quickbeam's stubborness on doing a sunken rush, and everyone getting confused where Errol's main is.

Crappy Flash Animation

Starcraft Flash Animation
Most of you have seen this, but I figured I may as well put it on the site. Awhile back, I was working on a Battle Report, and this was to be the intro, but the battle report never got done, and the intro was a LOT of work. I even started on the second part, but it was so complicated that it slowed the machine's running time. :) Ah well, here it is for those of you that wish to see it.
Sal & Ab's Birthday E-Flash-Card
My neices had a birthday, June 20th, and I made a flash E-Card for them. Of course, I started it a year ago, and never got finished, but I finally actually hunkered down and did it for the next year.
Caleb's Mouse Song
Just when you thought it was safe to swim the internet, Caleb puts another site on the web, Obey Mouse.

He has a little song on the site, which I've animated. If you are already here, your time can't be any more wasted...

EBTGers don't wanna work!
Sorta a flash video from the 2001/09/30 EBTG Comic Strip. I forgot to make the audio streaming, and thus the sound isn't synched, and I never fixed it because I'm a moron.
Pooky Flash
CFA Pooky
I was trying to do an RPG Crappy Flash animation, and this is the second installment, where it stopped. Ah well. The crappy thing is like TWO MEGS!!! GOOD GRIEF!! This is where I have my Wack a rotten Kid preloader game.
Bingo Flash
The first installment of the RPG CFA. It's pretty corny, and also 700k, but hey, I liked how the writing worked out. :)
Cutie Pie
One of my first flash animations that I did because I figured I could do crappy flash animation just like everyone else out there. It involves the song Cutie Pie from an arcade game called Guitar Freaks which is an amazingly fun game.